An Integrated Approach

The Wiles Group is a consulting and management firm with over 100 years’ of collective experience in the real estate, club and resort industry. We specialize in envisioning and strategic planning, turnarounds, development and operations, vacation rentals, brokerage and membership and real estate marketing and sales in master planned communities and resort hotel developments. Our senior professional team’s unique hands-on integrated approach of structuring and maximizing both real estate and membership sales and profits while also maximizing hospitality returns in resort settings has successfully addressed and resolved many challenges with our proven comprehensive strategies and tactics. Our extensive expertise in restructuring, conversions, operations, turnarounds and turnovers at private clubs, real estate developments and resort hotels is a part of our exceptional experience and qualifications.

We are a group of experts and leaders in our respective disciplines who are driven by a passion for success and thrive on results-oriented solutions that are as diverse and unique as the properties we are engaged with. Our clientele have included major financial institutions and Fortune 500 Companies like:
  • Anschutz Investments
  • Oaktree Capital
  • MSD Capital, LP
  • Irvine Company
  • Disney/Arvida
  • Mobile Land
  • Greenwood Communities and Resorts

  • International Paper
  • ITT
  • Union Camp
  • KSL Resorts
  • Duke Power
  • The Litchfield Company
  • Lyle Anderson Company
as well as, many prominent high net worth families and individuals.

We are highly confident that our hands-on integrated approach will be able to deliver a successful outcome that meets your objectives and maximizes your return on investment.